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Older Women Young Boys Part II

A Continuation of Older Women Young Boys


The Professor didn’t miss it either but, her reaction caught me off guard. Her eyes widened slightly and her smile became a grin and her face flushed. She went to speak and had to turn away when no words came out. She took a deep breath and let out a little laugh that was almost like a giggle and walked back behind her desk. When she spoke her voice was noticeably different somehow, softer, breathier.
“Ahhh. . . .wow.” She laughed. “You are a big boy aren’t you?” She fumbled with papers on her desk to try and get her mind off what she had seen. The fact that she was as flustered as I was now made me feel so much better. I felt almost human again.
“Ahhhh. Ummmmm. Vince . . . it’s not unheard of for a young man to develop feelings for an older authority figure when away at college the first few years. It’s actually very normal for a man to get a crush on a female professor.” She was staring at her papers and now she was avoiding eye contact.
“While it might be a little embarrassing it’s normal. It’s not perverse or criminal. . .no one is going to think you are deranged or call the cocks.” Long pause when she realized her slip. “Cops . . . call the cops and report you as a psycho.” She stopped there. She slowly looked up at me trying to keep her composure to see if I had caught the slip. My grin told her I had. “It’s a normal thing.” Her voice was smaller now, not as authoritative and much sweeter.
“I.” That was all that came out…I was trying to tell her but my throat closed up and I nearly passed out as my heart exploded.
“Go on. . .you.”
“I can’t stop. . .” OK. . .I got a few more words out.
“Can’t stop what?”
“I can’t stop. . .” I took a deep breath, “Thinking about you.”
She smiled at me with that sweet matronly smile she gave to students. “Vince, it’s OK you. . .”
“No?” he looked at me confused.
“I mean. . .I. . .I sit in class and I see your legs or your lips or. . . .” OK. . .too much confession is bad for the soul, best to let that list die there. “and. . .and. . .and. . .” Relax . . . deep breaths, “I see you and all of a sudden I am imagining. . ” OK. . .this line of confession might not have been the best to take. . .
“You imagine what Vince?” Her concern was real and her voice sounded so soothing and coaxing.
“You. . .” Fuck it…I am screwed and there is a certain freedom to being condemned. “. . .and I.”
“You have romantic daydreams?” She asked and I snorted as I almost burst out laughing. “OK then…what?”
“Ummmm. . . it’s more . . . sexual.”
“Sexual?” She was honestly surpised I think.
“Oh ya.”
“Ohhhhh ya.”
Professor Anders looked at me with unabashed shock on her face. She was expecting some boyhood crush. I don’t really think she was expecting a hot, torrid series of porno clip fantasies.
“Me?” She asked smiling and blushing. I nodded. “And that’s why you can’t focus on your class work?” I nodded again. “Me?” She giggled. I had never imagined her giggling before and it caught me off guard and made my diminishing hard on come back full force.
“Ohhhh. . . .ya,” I was so screwed.
She smiled at me and stood up. As she came around the desk and sat on the edge she never stopped looking me dead in the eye and smiling ear to ear. She tried to think of what to say but instead just grinned even bigger and looked down. When she looked back up her voice was much softer then before, back to the breathy sound and it was driving me nuts.
“Vince. . .are you. . .” She thought of how to put it, “Have you ever been with a woman before?”
“Oh ya lots of times back home ya know girls from school. . .”
I looked at her with a sheepish grin. “No.”
She smiled and nodded. It was a really awkward couple of seconds of silence before she spoke again. “And this. . . ” She paused to think of what to call this and gave up, “This all is what is causing you to do so shitty in my class?”
I nodded.
“Then I think that maybe you need to look into afternoon tutoring to catch up and maintain a passing grade don’t you?” She asked me and as I was about to give her the student bullshit reply of how dedicated I was, she undid the top button to her blouse and slid her ass onto the desktop.
I was a rabbit in the headlights. I was frozen in place and unable to move as she undid another button. I was sure I had drifted into one of my fantasies and she was going to yell at me any second but, she didn’t. Instead she undid the third button and The blouse opened enough for me to see the glorious swell of her breasts.
“I. . .” I started to speak and she motion with a finger across her lips for me to be silent. Oh God, I thought I was going to cum in my jeans. She was smiling at me with a wicked grin as she undid the fourth and fifth buttons and pulled her blouse open. Here tits were amazing. She pulled her bra down and let them pop out and I was certain I was going to wake up very embarrassed any second.
She reached out a hand and took mine and placed it on her left tit. So hot, so soft, she was trembling. I squeezed and played with it and she tossed her hair over her shoulder, the gray like silver strands catching the light. I took a breast in either hand and played with them, they sagged some but were so beautiful…so natural . . . not like the ones in that magazine.
She pushed my face down to her nipple and I began to suck on it. She moaned and grabbed my ass with her legs and pulled me to her. She was stroking my hair and kissing my neck as I sucked on her glorious tit and played with the other. She reached down and undid my fly and I was thinking about anything but sex, so worried I would cum as soon as she touched me.
With her heels she pushed my pants and underwear down and my cock sprang to life. It was a good sized one I guess, about 8 inches and thick. She seemed impressed as she took it in her hands and began calling me “her big boy”. This was all too great.
She pulled my cock and played with it, I was barely able to breath as her fingers smeared the precum all over the head and made it slippery. I was moaning as her hands slid up and down the shaft, my balls ached, this was heaven.
She hiked up her skirt and I saw she wore garters and hose and a pair of black lace panties. She pulled them to the side to reveal the bare shaved pussy I had just dreamed of until now. The lips were soaking wet and it looked so perfect. She pushed me forward with her heels and guided my cock expertly into her waiting hole.
Sliding in I was unable to breathe. So hot and wet and so tight. I guess I expected older pussy to be loose but it wasn’t. It was nice and tight and it felt like a hand pulling me in to her. When my cock was all the way in she pulled my face up and kissed me, those soft lips parting and her tongue sliding into my mouth.
With her heels she pushed my ass and set the rhythm for the fucking, not to hard or fast. Nice and easy as I enjoyed the feeling of sliding out of her, her pussy grabbing me as I did. Then sliding back in balls deep. Our kiss didn’t end, we kept kissing. I was playing with one boob and bracing myself with the other hand, my whole body was trembling.
She broke the kiss and leaned back onto her elbows. Swinging one leg out she hooked it over my shoulders and then she raised the other up. I leaned into them and she was able to bend them all the way back till her knees almost touched her tits, it was amazing.
“Fuck me hard baby boy. Fuck me good.” She said in a nasty deep breathy voice that almost made me cum. I didn’t need any more urging. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could and she moaned and tossed her head back. I braced myself with both my hands and fucked her good and deep, our bodies slapping together each time like applause.
She reached up her hands and grabbed her tits to keep them from bouncing so hard and began to play with them for me. Squeezing and pulling on the nipple. It was all too much, I couldn’t hold back any more. I slammed into her as hard as I could, my breath a ragged gasping.
Then I came and slammed into her with each spurt of hot cum I filled her with. Going balls deep I filled that sweet pussy just like I had dreamed with load after load of cum. She was whispering all sorta nasty things to me about my cum. . . . how hot is was in her cunt…how she loved being filled up by me. I don’t remember the rest. . .I was shaking and barely able to breath.
I stayed in her until my cock was half soft and slid out. There was a pool of her cum and mine on the desk under her ass. She laughed and kissed me again, deep sweet soft kisses. Then she pushed me back and pulled her panties back over her pussy lips. Pulling her skirt down and she slid off the desk she straightened it out.
Grabbing Kleenex from her desk top she cleaned up the cummy pool and tossed them in the garbage. She pulled her bra back up and arranged her tits and began to button up her blouse again and turned to me. I was still standing there grinning.
“Vince…pants. . .pull em up baby.”
Oh Jesus…I am such a geek. I pulled up my underwear and pants and zipped up. Looking back at her she was once more the conservative Professor Anders, prim and proper. I smiled because it all seemed so much like a dream to me. I could barely believe it was real.
“OK Vince, heres the deal.” She said gathering her books up and leading me to the door. “You are paying attention in class from now on and if you do and you stop daydreaming. . .” She clicked off the lights as she swung the door open and we walked out. She closed and locked the door behind us. “If you do. . .” She stepped in close to me and looked me eye to eye.
“If you do Vince . . . we’ll keep our tutoring sessions up.” She raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Deal?” I grinned and nodded. “Good. See you tomorrow.” She smiled and turned and walked away. I stood there grinning for a few days before I finally turned and walked to the student lot and went home thinking, Damn. . .what a devoted teacher she was.
Needless to say I aced that class.

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Older Women And Younger Men Erotic Literature

Back in college my instructor was an older woman who possed the ability to rap young men around her finger. She was maybe in her late 50′s, classically graying hair, classy dress that only hinted at the body underneath. Recently I have been reading a lot of older women and younger men erotic literature. So naturally this older woman has been on my mind.  Best of all though, were those legs; Long, Tina Turner, Ya-So-I’m-Older-But-I-Still-Look-Damn-Good legs. I would sit in class every day and imagine feeling those legs on my shoulders.
At first the fantasies were just in passing when she bent or crouched down to get something, mere momentary flights of fantasy. In time though, I found myself imagining it more and more until I found I was not paying attention to what she was saying when she lectured any more. Instead, I was imagining those full lips kissing me or sucking me. My grades showed my lack of attention unfortunately.
After 4 exams I had gone from a 94 average to a 84 and Professor Anders took notice. I had been setting the curve but now I was bottoming out. She caught my attention as I walked into class and motioned me over to her. I have to admit, my heart was beating a mile a minute as I approached, I was sure she had noticed me staring at her big breasts or smiling as she bent over.
Her face was the kind that was pretty and you could tell, in younger years she was really a cutie. Not model pretty really, just pretty in a natural way. Her eyes were very kind and her lips were so full and so soft looking like she could suck star a. . .
“Vince?” Professor Anders was obviously waiting for a reply. Oh shit, she had been talking to me the whole time. “Is there?”
OK, when in doubt look dumb and confused. It’s the classic college ploy for pity from the professors. That was a good plan, I went for it and looked stupid. It wasn’t hard, all I had to do was take a moment to notice her conservative shirt was situated just right that I could see a hint of the swell of her breast through a tiny gap. Soft creamy flesh that rose and fell with her breathing. God I wanted to. . .
“OK Vince, I have to get the class started.” She was mildly annoyed I could tell and it was then I realized she had probably repeated the question but I had once again not heard it. “If you have a minute would you hang around after class for a few, I’d like to talk to you.”
“Sure.” I replied and shifted my backpack to cover my erection. “No problem.” I turned and walked to my seat berating myself for being such a geek. But those lips, her breasts, I was obsessed with this woman old enough to be my mother.
Class seemed to fly by and I was dreading it ending. I figured she was going to question me why I was doing so badly and I couldn’t tell her the truth. She’d laugh her ass off and then tell all the other teachers and I would look like even more of a geek. I sat there trying to think of something I could say to maybe satisfy her. Then she bent over her desk and that sweet ass was just perfect to run up and. . .
Everyone else was getting up, I guess I missed the end of class. I put my note pad and book away and stood up. I held my backpack again over my erection and walked up to her sheepishly. I had no idea what I was going to say.
She looked up and smiled and gave me a motion to wait a second. The last students left the lecture hall and she stood and walked over to the door and closed and locked it. She turned and came back towards me, reaching up and letting her hair down. She always wore it back in a very conservative hair style. As she let it down I saw how long her hair really was, it was beautiful.
“Sorry, I had to let it down, it was driving me nuts, I pulled it back way too tight.” She said and laughed . . . no . . . giggled. She giggled. Not a school girl giggle. . .this sweet melodic giggle that was so. . .
“Vince!” She clicked her fingers in front of my face twice to get my attention. “Are you on drugs? Is that what is wrong?”
“On…what? No. No, I’m not on drugs.” I stammered back.
“Well, then, what the hell is the problem? You go from being my best student to barely being able to pay attention long enough. . .are you fading on me again?”
“No Ma’am.”
“Good. What the hell is the problem?” She said sitting down and looking up at me. I realized I was shaking. She looked so beautiful. “Vince?” She raised an eyebrow in question and I smiled without meaning to. She looked so cute. She leaned back in her chair.
“Vince. . .do me a favor and put your backpack down.” She asked looking me in the eye. I shook my head no immediately. “Please.” She asked again and I shook my head no again. “Mmmmhmmm.” She raised an eyebrow again and then looking me straight in the eye licked her lips.
I nearly blew my wad right then. She was looking me dead in the eye when she did that…oh my God . . . she must have seen my reaction…oh fuck!
“Vince, calm down.” She said, stifling a smile as she stood. Oh Man….this was so embarrassing. It was like the dream when you go to class and remember you forgot your pants or something. I knew she was about to burst out laughing any second now and point at me and tell me what a jerk I was. This was my worst nightmare come tr. .  ..
“Vince, relax, calm down.” She stood and came around the desk and put her hand on my shoulder to try and soothe my panic attack. Her touch, as trivial of a touch as it was, was still her making contact with me and even though I was panicking, having a nervous break down, and about to run screaming into the night never to be seen again, I also got so hard it ached.
My hand cramped from grabbing my backpack so hard. I hadn’t even realized how hard I was squeezing the handle until my hand started hurting like a son of a bitch. So, without thinking, I transferred hands and when I did, my full state of attention became very apparent for anyone to see. My cock was rock hard going down my left pants leg and was just about as obvious as wearing a neon sign that said “My Dick Is Hard!”.


Stay Tuned For The Continuation of Older Women And Younger Men Erotic Literature

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The Minion Gives Katie Ray A Rim Job

Katie Ray Katie Ray
Katie Ray @ TheMinion.com
When I opened the door to find Katie Ray she look more undernourished as before. I supporse our last encounter gave her the green light to starve herself so she could come back and have room in her stomach to gobble up more of my goo. She crawled over to me as I treated my sinuses to some powder and she didn’t hesitate to give me some lollipop love. The manner in how she digested my thunderous cock is the stuff of legends ands she did it with “nose candy” on her mind. I needed to make sure that she wouldn’t do just an average blowjob so I put all my body weight on top of her with my rectal cavity barely an inch from her nose. I have to give it to this slut, she could suck a mean dick even though it was the only thing she had in her mouth in quite a while. I needed to meet up with my cartel so I shot my load down her throat as my heartbeat raced like an undercover DEA agent.

Katie Ray Katie Ray
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My First Time Being Cuckolded Part V

Call Cuckold Mistress Alley for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

He joined my wife on the sofa and they kissed and caressed. My wife’s hand found the back of my head. “Don’t you want to cum, darling? There, there, just lick it baby, lick it all up.” I didn’t want to humiliate myself further by licking out his cum in front of them both but my need for sexual relief outweighed my need to maintain my dignity. The pressure of her hand on my head made my cock harder. I felt the warm, slippery juices that coated it. Tentatively my tongue flicked at it, licked at it. She started to moan with pleasure. Despite the circumstances, I felt good about being able to pleasure her and I doubled my efforts licking and sucking, even as more and more of his spunk oozed from her well fucked pussy. I glanced up as I licked her out, and saw him kissing her and stroking her lovely breasts. But her hand in my hair, caressing me, encouraging me, felt so reassuring, so calming, and I licked and slurped at the spunk that slid from her, swallowing it as I dutifully cleaned her out and thrilled at the moans it brought from her. “Did you get it all cuck?” he mocked. “I don’t think you got it all out.” “Let me see” he said as he pushed 2 of his long black fingers deep inside her, causing her to push her pelvis up and moan. As he withdrew his fingers there was a huge glob of jizz on them. “See, I told you that you didn’t get it all cuckie” he mocked as he shoved his fingers into my mouth. “Suck it like a good cuckie Jimmy” he commanded. I didn’t have any choice. He was finger fucking my mouth with his long, thick fingers. When I thought the worst was over he stood up. As he stood his cock was directly in front of me and half hard again. “Oh Jimmy look, you missed some” he said while laughing. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved the head of his huge cock between my lips forcing my mouth open. My wife leaned forward and whispered, “Oh baby that makes me so wet to see you sucking him.” He plunged his cock in and out of my mouth a few more times, deeper and deeper each time, causing me to choke and gag. “That’s enough for now little cocksucker” he said as he pulled out. “ Oh you did a good job boy; look at how hard that meat is” he laughed with a depth and assuredness that he was making me feel every bit the cuckold

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Britney Young & Lola Hart Interracial Cuckolding

Britney Young & Lola Hart Britney Young & Lola Hart
Britney Young & Lola Hart @ CuckoldSessions.com
It’s truly a sad day when a white guy lies to a black couple in the hopes of getting some action. Britney Young and her worthless boyfriend are swingers looking for some play on the dark side of the city. Unfortunately, the limp loser over exaggerated about the size of his dick and the black girl from the other couple is not too pleased about that. They now have two options: They can call it a night and leave without sowing their wild oats; or they can have the white guy sit out and get humilated for lying. The now “cuckold” gets verbally cut down to size as Shane Diesel now gets Lola Hart and Britney Young all to himself. The white cuckold watches as both black cock sluts take turns stuffing as much of Shane down their throats as their gag reflexes will allow. The cuckold? Well, he’s just a walking, talking ATM machine and Shane and the ladies raid his wallet. Shane takes it slow as he slides his black chimney inside Britney. Remember, Britney’s only had limp white dicks rub against her clitoris; the transition to a cock ( a functioning one, at that) is new territory for this stacked blond. Lola feels her black boyfriend’s meat stretching her pussy lips while Britney lectures her boyfriend-that’s now wearing a chastity device- about lying and his faults as a man. Britney jumps on Shane’s big black cock as she munches on Lola’s creamy black pussy. Shane Diesel lays the pipe down on both bitches as the cuckold can only watch, and , assumingly, curse the day he was born. The only thing left for Shane to do is drain his baby sauce on Britney’s massive jugs. The cuckold’s duty? Just watch for yourself.

Britney Young & Lola Hart Britney Young & Lola Hart

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Tantric Dreams

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is pamper myself with a mini shopping spree in luxurious Coconut Grove. It’s just something I do in celebration of an amazing week coming to an end. And shopping in the grove to buy something special is just another way of keeping my spirits high while going into the next week.

I awoke this past Sunday from the most sensual dream. It was a bit abstract in that I wasn’t sure of the identity of people were who made me so wet. I just remember the way he or they touched the soles of my feet and feel of his hot breath between my toes as he caressed them. Moments before I reached my climax in the wonderfully tantric dream, I awoke. I mumbled to no one in particular “Ugh, that sucks!” as I swung my feet down to the cool tiled floor. And stared down at my long slender feet for moment looking down at my pink polish, before I decided that I would treat myself to a pedicure. Remnants of my dream were still fresh on my mind. I could feel a slight tingle and tenderness in my feet. As though someone had just given me a deep tissue massage. Very strange indeed. But without further delay. I set my sails for Coconut Grove.

It didn’t take me long to pick out something to wear. A short white sweetheart tube dress from Forever21 and gold Alexander McQueen stilettos. I wanted to make sure I could show off my newly painted toes while I finished my shopping. And besides, this is summertime in Miami. That white dress and my chocolate tan were a perfect match. Topped off with dark raven hair, admittedly I was a stunner. My bonafide proof was the reaction I got from the salon owner when I walked through the double doors of his shop. He stopped talking completely. His full lips peeking out from his neatly trimmed beard gave him away. I began to see the corners of his mouth turn upward as he said “Hello my dear. How may I serve you today?” I smiled and tossed my gold clutch on an empty chair and said “You may start with giving me a pedicure.”

There was a slight twinkle in his eye, that I’m pretty sure matched my own. I slowly, very deliberately climbed into the massage chair. Making sure to arch my back and stick my beautifully round ass out as I did so. This made the white dress ride up my thigh and I do believe his smiling face was only inches away. Without another word he set about the business of paying perfect detail to my sized seven feet. As he worked on each foot and each individual toe I could feel the tingle in my feet getting stronger and stronger. His well trained hands touched every pressure point in my foot. Shooting shivers throughout my body. He kneaded my soles with his thumbs. I closed my eyes and soon I was back in my dream.

The feel of his strong warm hands working their way up my calves drove me crazy. Although this was a bit too soon in a pedicure, I didn’t want to open my eyes for fear that he would stop and take the pleasure away. My eyes remained closed as my brain raced through every rational thought in my mind. “Why does this feel so familiar?” “Are other people watching this?” and “Why can’t I stop my hips from moving up and down?” Even still my eyes remained shut. He stroked the backs of my legs. At one point I even felt the tip of his tongue flicking back and forth on that soft patch of skin behind my knee. How could he possibly know, that this was my secret spot? Any man lucky enough to stumble upon this area can tell you how wide my thighs open as a result. And this time was no different.

In my ecstatic state I had slid down to the edge of the chair and the only thing keeping me from falling was his hands cupped under my ass and his face planted on my wet pussy. No time think. I just went with it and enjoyed ever lick delivered to my snatch. And my eyes still remained closed. While his long wet tongue lapped up my juices I could feel a second set of hands down on my feet. And then a mouth. Dear lord there were two of them! But I didn’t care. Mesmerized and semi conscious, my head lulled to one side and my firm c cups rose and fell with every breath. I loved have the hands of strangers all over my body. I especially enjoyed his hot breath on my toes. I reached down to help my pussy licker out. I spread my cunt lips and placed my finger directly on my clit. I suppose he saw what I needed and began to give it to me.

I arched my back. I writhed about in that high massage chair. My white tube dress was practically hiked up to just under my soft breast. I was sooo close to cumming. I was almost there. My heart was racing as they sucked on my toes and clit harder and faster. Suddenly my entire body clenched up for nearly an entire minute before I went completely slack. Curled up in that chair and my skirt bunched up around my waist, I opened my eyes for the first time it seemed. There I was in the middle of the nail shop. All alone. No one in sight. I slowly started to straighten myself up and look around. Had I been sleeping this entire time? I felt a bit odd but extremely relaxed.

Slipping down from the chair I noticed I was barefoot and that my toes had been painted a new shade of red that I hadn’t had before? My toes tingled as I slipped my gold stilettos back on. I stood up and noticed that my panties clung to my wet pussy. And my ass was warm to the touch. Without another moment wasted I retrieved my clutch. Popping it open I retrieved a hundred dollar bill and placed it on the seat of the chair just before I walked out the door.





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Call Me Miss Brown, If You’re Nasty!

By Morgan Brown

“In all honesty Miss Brown this is not what I had in mind when I applied for the job of personal assistant”
Which was true. Gene hadn’t bargained for having to dress so sexy or to have to serve all of Miss Browns sexual needs. Nor had Max counted on having the breast enhancements,the figure training,the cosmetic,style and voice training. Nor the humliating lessons in comportment and sensual service. Not to mention the fact that Gene had been born a man!!!
You wouldn’t know it now. But the only signs of his former life was tucked back between Gene’s thighs and secured in a panty that can only be removed with a key.  The training began with felatio and was a awkward and frightening experience having to drop down to his knees and suck the large rubber cock presented to him.  He had often dreamed of having someone like Miss Brown go down on him, and yet he was in the total opposite role. Oral sex now seemed like such a submissive,demeaning and debasing act. It was a reminder of how much his life had changed.
Miss Brown for her part loved the attention. Especially since the phallus was equipped with little nubs that were directed right toward her clitoris. Oh how Miss Brown completely dominate and humiliate Gene. While she taught him to control his breathing, a technique that would enable him to deep throat, she began to think of his imprisoned penus and how it would never again get to experince the delight that Gene was giving her.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
No Gene was a woman. Women were not made to penetrate but to be penetrated. Or at least this was the mantra she kept repeating to her debased maidservant.
And penetrated Gene was. After the intensive blowjob training Miss Brown turned him around and taught him to ride the cock. She sunk it deep into his ass with repeated thrust that made Gene think he would be split in two. She taught him to relax as the strap-on slipped passed his spincter. And to squeeze tightly the way a woman does with kegals. The attention on her prostate was making Gene a horny little slut. But as always her excitement was thwarted by the cage around her cock.  “That’s so you only concentrate on your owners  pleasure and not your own” Goddess explained.



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I Kissed A Girl

By Morgan Brown

I came home smelling of her and it drove me wild. Later that night, I thought about her touching me while I touched myself. Her hands on my face as she kissed me, her whispers in my ear as she caressed me and cast a spell. I immediately felt the warm rush of desire march over my skin at the mere sight of her.  I was lost, completely immersed in thoughts of her as I clutched at the sheets and strummed my own flesh. I thought about how wet she became around me, how hard her nipples grew, our flirting evident in both of our bodies, the need to satiate the other at the very surface. I thought about the first time I tasted her, slipping my fingers in between her delicate folds, opening her slowly with each gentle thrust as my tongue flickered over her clitoris…

As my memories of her bumped me dangerously close to the edge of my own orgasm, my mind pushed further into darkness. Her legs spread, my head in between them, ravenous for her as I brought her to orgasm with my mouth and lips. I watched her writhe on the bed as she pushed her bareness against me and came hard against my face, her back arching, hands frantic in my hair. Her body glistened in the half light of the room, her sighs slowly replaced with an impish smile of triumph…

But it was new territory that brought me my own climax later that night, my body bursting with sensation, shudders rippling through the core of me at the imagery conjured. I imagined her naked and on all fours on the plush of her bed, taking her husband fully in mouth while my boyfriend caressed her voluptuous ass from behind, his bare cock nuzzling against her swollen cunt. I wanted to watch both of them use her for pleasure, fucking her simultaneously, one slowly dipping in and out of her waiting mouth while the other pumped her cunt full of hard cock. I wanted to be close by as the sensation became too much for either man to bear, her velvet heat begging them to surrender as she came with force, her beautiful body sucking the orgasm right out of both of them…

It was at that moment that I came hard against my damp sheets. I wondered how long it would take for my fantasy to manifest into reality.

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Phone Sex Tranny, Sasha Severe

So your favorite phone sex tranny, Sasha Severe  has been a busy T-girl. One of my favorite men asked me away for a few days. Seems he had a craving for some shemale cock that just couldnt wait. Booked a fabulous room for us over looking the ocean. Nice scenery but really he spent most of it on his back watching me shove my tranny cock up his ass. Course he picked a rather small town and I am pretty sure I was their first sexy transexual that they had laid eyes on. I dont mind at all. For when the men look at me wondering if my cock is bigger than their I sort of picture them finding out with a little forced cock sucking! Oh please as if you dont have your own visions of sucking my cock and finding out just how much of it you can take in your mouth. I sort of thought it would be nice to tell them were I was staying and that when I was done with my sugar daddy that I would introduce them to the world of cock sucking ~ tranny style.

Though, I did start to think of the time BigDickDaddy found me how shy he was to even look at my cock. How much coaxing I had to do to get him to wrap his thin lips around my cock. The first time he gagged on my ladyboy cock. I rather enjoyed listening to him gag on it, to be honest. Have a thing for listening to men gag on cocks. BDD had told me how his wife fucked him with straps on before but the whole time he was fantasizing about being fucked by a transgender.  He soon found out that actually being fucked by a shemale cock was far more intense than his fantasy. Now he is a dick sucking fool. The only way he can get off with his wife is to think of me fucking him or sucking my cock. As it should be.

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Keeping It In The Family

My older brother is an asshole. He teases me constantly and loves to try and shock or embarass me. He will do things when his friends are over. Really horrid things like he might sniff the air and say, “Have you HAD your bath yet?” Or things like “You know, Waverly, you really should wear CLEAN panties every day.” It makes me color up and run for cover. But not last week.

He had been making his usual foul-mouthed smart-ass remarks but instead of running away, I sat and seethed! The moment his friends had gone and he had shut the door, I launched myself at him punching the shit out of him anywhere and everwhere I could hit him. I must have caught him off balance, because he fell to the floor with me on top of him. I wasn’t going to let him go and I kept slapping him across the face and my language, I don’t know, I suddenly was aware that my language had got real bad. With each slap I was calling him really bad names. “You fucking asshole.” “You bastard.” “You fucking CUNT” (I never, but NEVER use that word! Then, right out of nowhere, I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. Don’t ask me how, but I was a hairs breadth off cumming in my panties. All it took was the sudden realisation that my dear brother had beaten me to it. I had looked down and seen the wetness on his pants and in that second, I knew, absolutely KNEW he had cum in his pants and it tripped me off and I came in mine!

No way either of us could deny it either. For a few seconds, I sat astride him with my skirt ridden up and his cock bulging through his pants against my panties. Then I heard myself say. “Hit me.” I got off him and lay over the arm of a chair and said it again. “Steve, hit me. Hard.” I felt him slap my ass, but nowhere near hard enough. “Harder, make it hurt.” He slapped again, this time it stung. “Ohh, HARDER!!” again a slap, but this time it REALLY hurt. I looked around and saw he had a ruler in his hand from dads table. He started to cane me and in a few strokes I had cum again in my panties.

Steve had drawn blood too! The next thing can’t be told here. But afterwards, neither of us regret a thing. The thing is, with Steve, I am WAY wilder than with my boyfriend and Steve is wilder than with his girlfriend. I have tasted her too.. well, indirectly if you know what I mean. I love it when I get Steve to pee all over me. My boyfriend asked if he could do that to me once but it freaked me out yet with my brother, I love it. I know, its so bad, but why does it feel SOOO damn good?

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